News on safeguarding of cultural heritage

Stone Conservation at Nanpaya Temple (Myanmar)

On 24 August 2016, an earthquake measuring 6.8 on the Richter scale hit Bagan, one of the world’s most important historical cultural sites. Almost 400 of the around 3000 sacred architectural works were damaged, some of them seriously. The extremely heavy spires of many temples fell to the ground, while

Sudan Digital: A Digital Heritage Registry for the Sudan

The Sudan boasts a rich cultural heritage encompassing important ancient artefacts. The Sudan Digital project, incollaboration with the National Corporation for Antiquities and Museums (NCAM), aims to ensure the protection of these sites and objects through the creation of a digital heritage registry. The starting-point for this task is the

Iraqi-German Expert Forum On Cultural Heritage (Iraq)

Iraq has a very rich archaeological and architectural heritage. Preserving this is the prime goal of the Iraqi-German Expert Forum on Cultural Heritage (IGEF-CH). This forum for dialogue aims to familiarise the staff of Iraq’s State Board of Antiquities and Heritage with modern archaeological methods for documenting and conserving structures and to support them in their work.

Conservation of a Medieval Quarter in Baalbek (Lebanon)

Baalbek is a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site famous around the globe for its Roman temples. Thanks to a training project conservation work was conducted in the quarter and the area was made accessible for visitors.

National Museum of Cherchell (Algeria)

The German Archaeological Institute has been involved in refurbishing the National Museum of Cherchell (Algeria) since 2008 using funding from the Cultural Preservation Programme of the Federal Foreign Office. Around two millennia ago, the ancient port of Caesarea Mauretaniae was the seat of the kings of Mauritania for 65 years.

Restoration of the Dome of the Grand Bazaar in Tehran (Iran)

Thanks to successful German-Iranian cooperation in the field of building research and restoration technology, the historic structure of the central dome spanning the charsuq in the Grand Bazaar in Tehran has been secured. In addition to ensuring the actual restoration of the dome, the project also promoted scientific exchange between

Restoring the Merklin-Schütz Organ in Havana

The historic Merklin-Schütze organ in Havana was built in 1856 for the Iglesia de la Caridad in Old Havana, the city centre which is now recognised as UNESCO World Heritage. The instrument is not only among the country’s most valuable organs in terms of craftsmanship and artistry, but is also

Redesign of the Kandt House in Kigali (Rwanda)

Constructed in 1907, the house is the last remaining architectural testimony to the German colonial era in Kigali. It was named after the first German Imperial Resident, Richard Kandt. Located on Nyarugenge Hill, the centre of today’s Rwandan capital, it offers a unique view of the countryside surrounding Kigali. The newly