News on safeguarding of cultural heritage

Clay Bricks for the Ziggurat of Uruk (Iraq)

In October 2018 archaeologists undertook conservation work at the Eanna Ziggurat in Uruk (Iraq), funded by the Cultural Preservation Program of the Federal Foreign Office.

(Re-)Constructing the Stone-Cone building in Uruk (Iraq)

3D reconstruction is an important tool for archaeologists to visualise lost Cultural Heritage. The German Archaeological Institute and the team of Artefacts visualised the more than 5000 year old Stone-Cone-Building of the ancient Mesopotamian city of Uruk.

Medina Azahara is now a World Heritage Site (Spain)

On July 1 the World Heritage Committee of UNESCO included Medina Azahara in the World Heritage List. The Caliphate city is one of the most remarkable medieval Islamic sites in the western Mediterranean.

Göbekli Tepe – A World Heritage Site soon? (Turkey)

Göbekli Tepe is one of the most impressive Stone Age sites in the world. On June 24 the World Heritage Committee will decide if the site is going to be included in the World Heritage List. Find out more about recent developements at Göbekli Tepe!

The Legacy of Abu Simbel and the Birth of an Idea

Ten days until the UNESCO Committee meets again to decide on the new World Heritage list. Let’s take a look back and revisit the point in time, when the idea of World Heritage was born.  What does the Egyptian temples of Abu Simbel have to do with it?

Entangled History – European Year of Cultural Heritage

As part of the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018 – Sharing Heritage, the German Archaeological Institute hosts several events including lectures and exhibitions. Since its foundation on April 21, 1829 in Rome, the German Archaeological Institute (DAI) sees itself as a European research institution. The founding members from different

World Heritage – Facts and Figures

The World Heritage Committee meets again in a few weeks in Bahrain to select the sites that will be listed in the UNESCO World Heritag List. Time for some Facts and figures before the big day arrives.   UNESCO adopted the convention concerning the protection of the World cultural and