News on safeguarding of cultural heritage

Museum for the Cultural Heritage of Heliopolis (Egypt)

The largest of the Egyptian pharaohs’ temples, the sun temple of Heliopolis, lies at the heart of pulsating everyday life in the megacity Cairo. Its survival is under threat from informal construction, rising groundwater levels and emerging rubbish dumps. The open-air museum devoted to the archaeological site Heliopolis with its temples, houses and graves, the … Read more…

Documentation of the Cultural Heritage of the Aché (Paraguay)

by Judith Brauner Amarilla (German Embassy in Asunción) The Aché are an indigenous people living in Paraguay. Their cultural heritage consists of stories and traditions passed on orally which today are only known to a few tribal elders. The filming of documentaries and the creation of a virtual museum made it possible to record them … Read more…

Music History Archives of Radio and Television (Afghanistan)

While the demolition of historic buildings over recent decades has been very visible, less public attention has been drawn to the no less devastating destruction of documents and other media, including audio and film material relating to expressions of Afghanistan’s intangible cultural heritage.

Clay Bricks for the Ziggurat of Uruk (Iraq)

In October 2018 archaeologists undertook conservation work at the Eanna Ziggurat in Uruk (Iraq), funded by the Cultural Preservation Program of the Federal Foreign Office.